Peter van Eyk`s 30 years of dealing with complex challenges and disruptive changes made him an extraordinary versatile Manager with multidisciplinary competencies in such areas as HR, legal/compliance (Rechtsanwalt & General Counsel), quality management (EFQM assessor) and organizational development. He served as Director for industrial relations of Deutsche Postbank AG, as Chairmann of the pensionfund for all former enterprizes of Deutsche Bundespost, as lay judge at the local labor law court Bonn, as SVP Job Evaluation Deutsche Telekom AG and as Director for Personnel, Legal and Organisation of T-Data (former subsidiary of Global One). In the last 10 years of his corporate life he was responsible for Training, Management Development and Executive Coaching as VP Human Resources Development of Deutsche Telekom AG, Vivento Group. As program director he got the European Qualiy Award for his Business Performance Coaching program in 2009.
Today Peter works as an executive coach with over 15 years of experience supporting leaders, leadership teams and organizations in attaining maximum effectiveness. His background includes working with CEOs, senior managers and board members of small private companies as well as multi-billion dollar publicly traded organizations e.g. Deutsche Postbank, Deutsche Telekom, Post DHL Worldnet, Toyota, Funke Medien, Knorr Gruppe, Arvato/ Bertelsmann Gruppe, LAVAZZA, Allgeier Group, Nature Bank Assetmanagement

As of 2009 Peter is engaged as a volunteer being President Germany of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), also running EMCC`s office in Germany, organizing conferences, responsible for communication and administration. Furthermore “Peter Sensei” is the Spiritual Officer of DaiTamashi – BlackBeltManagerAcademy sharing the essence of his more than 40 years of experience in Budo (spiritual way of martial arts in Japan) and High Performance Sports for Leaders Personal Mastery Development.


Rechtsanwalt/Attorney at Law (1st State Exam/J.D.-equivalent; 2nd State Exam/equivalent to bar exam), business school certifications in general management (ESMT, Essec, Erasmus) as well as in Coaching and Mentoring, accredited Senior Practitioner Coach (EMCC), A-license for proficiency assessments, certified compliance manager.

Approach and Philosophy

My passion is to enhance leadership effectiveness by helping leaders and their teams to achieve positive, long-term change in leadership overtime. Respecting the autonomy, responsibility and competence of the client/coachee I guide him/her through a well structured process. Generally I follow the GROW-Modell of Sir John Whitmore, adapted to the specific coaching issues. The ingredients of Performance Coaching and Behaviorial Change are always stages of clarifying the problem, setting goals, a clearly set ´ improving performance/change agenda´ and an ongoing monitoring/feedback-dialogue. A futher area of my work is to coach leaders “the first 90 days” to adapt to a new leadership role (Onboading, Promotion) and “Leadership Sparring” to prepare leaders for special challenges.

In Executive Coaching, dealing with people who are involved in the challenge of engaging others to perform, I take a more holistic perspective of the person and their personal dynamic. Also here a measurable performance improvement is the end goal. But you have to consider the more emotional elements of interpersonal connection, execution, inspiration and transformation which form the person´s capability to effective engagement with people and determine the quality of their leadership and influence. So the process includes a depth analysis of the individual´s current situation mapping out the key demands and drivers of their current role as well as exploring the individual´s thoughts and feelings about the strengths and weaknesses of their performance.
The analysis can be enriched with results from 360, assessments, performance appraisals , psychometric instruments. So the outside views of other relevant stakeholders, not at least of the nominating manager, are reflected in the process.

In a next step we have to explore the personal history/experience of the coachee. What were the critical incidents and success factors in his career forming the key patterns of his behavior and: are these patterns still appropriate in the new situation? We end with developing a compelling future vision and building a clear practical plan that addresses both work and personal development.

From a tool perspective I take an eclectic approach using “tools” from different “schools” (Socratic Dialogue, TZI, TA, TZI, RET, NLP) and different Personal Inventories (MBTI, NEO-PI-R,PPP), where appropriate.

The process starts with a clear common understanding between coach, client/coachee and nominating manager (probably HR also) about what results should be achieved and how/when we will measure the progress, what are the concrete observable success indicators following the SMART rule.

Further services

With the brand BlackBeltManagerAcademy Dai Tamashi, Eykcon provides trainings and keynotes for special issues of leaders personal mastery development as there are mutual trust and respect, responsibility, awareness, values and mental toughness especially using the wisdom and practice of Budo, that is the spiritual way of martial arts, and the knowledge and concepts of tremendous successful eastern leaders as Kazuo Inamori.


  • Deutsche Postbank
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Post DHL Worldnet
  • Toyota
  • Funke Medien
  • Knorr Gruppe
  • Arvato/ Bertelsmann Gruppe
  • Allgeier Group
  • Nature Bank Assetmanagement
  • ForestFinance


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